Cognitive Testing

Cognitive Testing – Strategic Target Detection The Cognition group provides a full turnkey service, including expert consultancy on cognition strategy and design of the neurocognitive battery, training, deployment of computers, electronic data capture, data-management and analysis.

Our computerized testing platform is COGTEST ®, a brand which has been widely used in clinical trials and academic research since its inception in 2001. Cogtest uses computerized versions and adaptations of well known (gold standard) paper and pencil neurocognitive tests. Our computerized tests are fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and the have been translated into 46 languages. We also provide a web-reporting system that allows Sponsors to access the data remotely at any point during the study.

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"Working with The Cognition Group was a very profitable experience, combining both great professionalism and a pleasant team to work with."

Pierre-François Pénélaud
Project Director, Servier