iSignal for iPad

iSignal for iPad
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Why use special computers and cameras when you can do the same with a fingertip?


iSIGNAL: a fully customizable video recording and exchange program for professional use in the medical practice.


  • Control and monitor subject enrolment
  • Eliminate score inflation
  • Reduce rater bias
  • Increase rater reliability
  • Trouble free
  • Cost effective
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements (HIPAA, 21 CFR)


  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Great sound and video (Apple quality)
  • Reliable and fast 3G data transmission (no firewall issues)
  • Fully integrated with TCG web monitoring system



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"Working with The Cognition Group was a very profitable experience, combining both great professionalism and a pleasant team to work with."

Pierre-François Pénélaud
Project Director, Servier