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Rater Training at IM

The Cognition Group is dedicated to improving the quality of rater education and performance and easing the logistical burden of training in global clinical trials. We have assembled a team of expert trainers and clinical trials specialists who believe that investigator training should conform to the same rigors as all other aspects of the clinical trial.

With expertise in CNS, education, rating scales, e-learning, electronic data capture, and multimedia technologies, our team will provide you with a customized solution to your assessment, training, certification, and quality control needs.

We provide a range of methods, from live investigator meeting settings to fully online e-learning programs. Our activities include self-paced web training activities that allow raters to train before the Investigator Meeting (IM), with the IM that follows, providing a forum for targeted training. Our programs are comprehensive, providing equal importance to both conceptual and applied skills.

Our programs focus on inter and intra-rater reliability; establishing reliability across all levels of the cohort, within raters, between raters, across sites and across studies. Our curricula emphasize both conceptual knowledge and applied skills, with a strong focus on interview techniques. Branded, customized Study Portals are built to support activities throughout the study increasing rater motivation and retention.

We have developed premier global programs providing training and certification to investigators in more than 40 countries and 25 languages. Translations of training materials, subtitling of videos, and cultural adaptations are standard across these programs.

All content is provided by expert trainers, many of them Key Opinion Leaders in their field. This high level of input is supported by a world class in-house team of multimedia experts, backed by experienced project management and technology.

Key features of our Service:

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Monitoring and Reports

  • A full rater training and qualification audit trail
  • Full documentation and process reports on training for each rater providing statistical data on skills, performance, and inter- and intra rater reliability measures

On completion of the online training, the sponsor and the CRO will be able to follow the progress online using our secure web reporting mechanics. This provides access to the rater's scores online and in real time. There is no waiting time involved before reports are generated.

Production Experience

We use the latest technology and e-learning methodology. Our technology is adaptable to all end-users (including video, CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, web). We have an in-house multimedia production and web team to create intuitive customized solutions. We have dedicated project management teams and QA processes.

Global Experience

Our regional offices in the US, UK, India and Poland provide local management and local personnel to our training projects.

Since 2001, we have worked in clinical trials that have required daily contact and site management in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We have significant experience in multi-lingual and multi-cultural contexts and a clear understanding of how language and cultural differences impact research in these areas.

Regulatory Compliance

We meet all FDA regulatory requirements for the use of computerized equipment in clinical trials. Our system is 21CFR Part 11 compliant and has been audited by several pharmaceutical companies. We train, calibrate and qualify raters using a variety of learning models.

Live Investigator Meetings

We work with the sponsor to create the most effective agenda for the meeting, and collaborate with all external providers to ensure that the meeting is successful. We offer support services, including meeting materials (e.g. binders).

Sessions are led by subject specialists. We use interactive audience response mechanisms that can elicit 100% group participation. Results are analyzed immediately on-site, so that items needing to be addressed can be discussed in the meeting.

Our in-house production team is available to create a video of the Investigator Meeting which can be distributed as online videos or as DVDs to new raters joining the study. The material may also be used for subsequent online training.

Online Rater Training

Our innovative online rater training system uses the latest technology and e-learning methodology.

Training via the internet can be used to facilitate a full online certification program; or pre-qualification before the Investigator Meeting (IM), allowing the IM to be used as an opportunity to focus on remediation.

The nature of online training provides each rater with a convenient means to review and apply their skills for the administration of rating scales at their own pace.

The computer hardware and connectivity requirements for the online facility are minimal: we use the latest web technology which enables delivery even over slow connections. For those who do not have access to the internet, we provide the material on a DVD.

Study Portals

The Cognition Group can create and manage a dedicated web portal for your study. This may act as the central website for study activities, which helps in encouraging communication, maintains interest and addresses rater drift.

Activities via the online portal can include:

  • Email updates to raters Hosting of announcements and newsletters
  • Host questionnaires for raters, gather and manage the feedback
  • Create a chat-room facility for raters - which can be monitored in partnership with the sponsor


Web meetings are increasing in popularity as part of Rater Training Programs. They may be used as a standard Investigator Meeting or sponsors may wish to run re-certification, or in-study meetings using teleconferencing facilities. The Cognition Group's in-house technological expertise means we can provide a variety of innovative options.

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"We enjoyed a number of benefits while using the Cogtest System. This included no transcription errors thus greater accuracy of our patient data; our staffing costs were minimized; and the staff who used Cogtest received full support from the highly responsive Cogtest Team."

Dr. Roy Chengappa
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine